Land Matrix Integrated Land Management System

Land Matrix Logo Land Matrix is a consolidated product developed from components developed and used by Data World since 2006, and is now a lean integrated Land Information System. It supports all prcoesses around the management of Land within a jurisdiction. It is designed on a centralised Geo-data repository, providing rules driven access to mutliple user roles, with EServices portal for Rate Payers. EServices user account is approved upon self-registration to activate it

Land Matrix consumes data from multiple sources. It consumes aerial imagery with optmisations like tiling and caching. The viewer is integrated with Google maps and street view. It support Full title Farm and Town, Leases, Sectional Titles, PSI, Mines etc.

Using adapters Land Matrix supports applications for managing indigents, zoning, building permits, special consents etc. within the jurisdiction. It provides end-to-end support for the business processes right from application, to its approval and subsequent data updates.

  • Map Viewer provides an access controlled, and contextual view of various layers in the GeoDB. Provides standard functionality like Pan, Zoom, Identify and Search
  • Deeds Feeder service runs in the background to process Deeds Transaction Files. It performs property matching and update of the Sales History and the Registered and Archive Layers
  • SG Feeder service processes SG Diagram Dump recieved from SG Office. It reconciles the existing diagrams, creating PDF and tasks for maintenance the Approved Layer
  • ESevices allows registered public users to make online requests like file Submit a new building plan for approval, or seek a zoning change. They can also track the status of their respective applications using unique Reference number
  • Parcel Capture provides a web enabled environment to capture tasks created by the SG Feed, when new diagrams are processed
  • Address Engine provides functionality to manage geo-spatial data for steets and address points. Addresses are structured as per the standards, and support the street name change process
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