Social Program Our Non-Profit Activities
Focus Areas

The focus areas outlined in this policy indicate areas in which Data World shall direct their corporate social responsibility spend. In allocating resources to the outlined focus areas, Data World is guided by the need to

  • Focus on communities in which the company operates
  • Emphasize investments in disadvantaged communities
  • Support programmes that engender empowerment and development
Our Vision

Data World, as a leading GIS and ICT consulting company in South Africa, believes that it has a fundamental responsibility to assist in improving the lives of disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Data World has therefore developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy which is aligned to the company strategy and which contributes to the overall mission and vision. Our CSR Programme is a deliberate, focused, coherent and progressive programme that meets the following objectives

  • Make a positive, sustainable impact on the communities in which Data World operates through investing in improving the quality of life of disadvantaged communities
  • To develop and empower disadvantaged communities through skills transfer and training for the sustainability and long term growth of the company
  • To build and improve relationships with the existing and potential stakeholders through forming mutually beneficial partnerships
  • To create and enhance the company reputation as a caring corporate citizen
  • To attract quality socially responsible staff to the company as well as retain and enhance the loyalty and pride in the company of existing staff
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