Procurement PFMA compliant procurement solution

The Solution is designed to cater to Supply Chain Management (SCM) officials and their respective entities by automating the procurement and supply chain processes, compliant with legislation and various frameworks and guidelines as stipulated by National Treasury, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and South African Revenue Services (SARS) e.g. PFMA, MFMA, BBBEE Codes etc.

Our procurement solution provides various secure public and internal portal interface(s) for Supplier Registrations, Publication of RFPs and RFQs, Automated Bid Evaluation, Reporting etc. It provides secure public access whereby suppliers and service providers can register themselves onto the supplier databases and automatically receive supplier registration number upon verification of mandatory requirements, the ability to send notifications to various stakeholders for activities like reregistration onto the database, reporting on a number of registered service providers that provide specific products or services

The solution has an algorithm driven supplier matching function, that suggests possible suppliers for a bid. All activities within the SCM process are recorded and stored onto the data warehouse for audit and future reporting purposes. The systems have an integrated GIS viewer that allows SCM to have a map of the budgetary spending

Key Features
  • Supplier Register The solution provides a searchable register. The user may view the entire engagement history of the organisation with the supplier. Tracks the validity dates of the supporting documents and send reminders to suppliers
  • Registration Process Workflow driven process, catering to online application, acknowledgement, document verification, approval
  • Supplier Matching This function is algorithm driven and scores and suggests suppliers from the database, by filtering them based on geography, services, past record
  • Bid Document Generation Component driven generation of Bid documents, providing functionality for individual users to create and review parts. The solution automatically checks the documentation against key dates, SBD forms etc.
  • Bidding Process Management The workflow process provides functionality for end-to-end management, right from the Bid document generation, approval, publishing, receipt, adjudication and award of work
  • Adjudication Management The adjudication management module provides an un-intelligent functionality to record the activities of the adjudication committee and their scores. The solution then applies the 90:10 or 80:20 principle depending upon the applicability, to present the consolidated scores. The solution does not provide any guidance and relies totally on User discretion
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