Monitoring & Evaluation M&E Solutions for the Public Sector
Data World can help you with our experience in numerous implementations in the Monitoring and Evaluation space. These cover Programmes related to Agriculture, Service Delivery, Infrastructure Development, and Environment mostly in the Public Sector in South Africa and overseas.
We help our customer by providing consultation services in defining scope and purpose of the Monitoring. Our experts help in setting up the indicators for Evaluation, by virtue of our thorough understanding of the Government Policies and Statutory requirements.

M&E Implementations our expertise in data and systems helps us deliver intuitive solutions requiring minimal human effort and maximum output via powerful visualisation tools.
We connect seamlessly with existing systems to extract data into a single repository for reporting purpose.

Our Dashboards can display integrated Pivot Tables, Charts and Maps. The users can utilise the Report Designer to preview and publish reports with minimal skills.
Our solutions provide role based access to cater to complex differential reporting requirements in both vertically and horizontally integrated environment. This allows the organisation to cater to the requirements of its own branches as well as the state.
We follow international standards for Project Management and service quality. We are ISO 9001: 2008 certified and guarantee our clients both quality and timeous completion.

M&E Implementations
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